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Monday, 14 August 2006

EVIL EVIL scales | Keep the Faith

This week I have been doing exactly the same as the previous 8 weeks on WW and the scales have started to go up instead of down. I even managed to complete the City2Surf at a power walking pace with the odd jogging moment, and yet to no avail. I don't weigh in until tomorrow but I am not looking forward to it. How can a number be so powerful in determining how I feel about myself - it is ridiculous but that's what is happening. Last week, I saw 59.5kg on my scales and this week, I haven't seen anything less than 60.5kg first thing in the morning naked. So heaven knows what fully clothed in the evening will declare tomorrow night!! Ahhh...

This is about keeping the faith. If I do what is right, my body has to lose weight ... HAS to.

Maybe it is all a mind game. If I can get a coldsore from being stressed [a mental/psychological trigger] my mind must determine how my body behaves. So, I must believe that this behaviour will result in weight loss in order for it to work. Sounds like faith - I must have faith in this process.

Faith - firm belief in something for which there is no proof - mmmm - but there is proof.
Faith - fidelity to one's promises - that's more like it. I have promised to follow a healthy lifestyle and I will remain true to that promise. A bit like fidelity in marriage. It is a decision to stand by a promise, come what may. I wouldn't go back on my promise to my husband no matter what he does or doesn't do. I will not go back on my promise to my body no matter what my body may or may not do.

Hey, that's pretty good - fidelity to one's promises - keep the faith!!

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