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Monday, 21 August 2006

Nature vs Nurture

This morning it was a surprise when the black pants I bought only last week felt baggy on me. It started me thinking about the way my body loses weight. It seems to me that the problem areas are the last to go, but when you get to them, the weight just seems to fall off.

I have always had the classic hour glass figure with boobs, hips and thighs, a small waist and a flattish stomach.

Up until I reach the magic 60kg mark, all of my weight loss appears to have gone from my top half. My boobs are smaller, my stomach muscles are showing and my ribs stick out. When I look in the mirror, all I see are my big thighs.

But this last 1/2 kilo I've lost this week has come straight off my lower half. I hear people say that they will always be a particular shape - they will always have big legs [or hips, or boobs, etc] however much weight they lose. I don't think this is always true.

I don't want to sound like I am advocating becoming "too" thin but you should not give up before you've done as much as you can. You can push beyond what your mind [or family] says is the limit and there could be a nice surprise on the other side. This hip and thigh weight is the weight I have carried for the longest time and is the last to shift [and the first to return].

If you are genuinely still carrying fat on your body [be honest - you can see it], you still have more you can lose. Whether you chose to do so is up to you. You are not some pre-determined shape you have to live with. Nature and nurture - sometimes our actions can overcome our genetic pre-dispositions. Give it a try ...

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