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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Cake - where is thy siren's song?

As I am sure happens at most work places all around the world, there is a fair amount of "food" celebration that goes on. Today was a birthday morning tea. Now, I haven't indulged in sweets at work for a very long time which of course doesn't mean that I didn't binge on sweets in the privacy of my own home. Somehow seeing that in black in white is disturbing ...

In the past, these occasions have been extreme torture. I spend the whole time screaming inside my head "... it's not fair, why can't I just be like everyone else and have some cake ..." or ..." size 8 jeans, size 8 jeans, if I eat this cake I won't fit into my size 8 jeans ..."

Today, the cake was silent. It didn't call my name, it didn't sing it's siren's song. It just sat there looking processed, manufactured and promising me not 5 minutes of pleasure but 2 days of hunger and cravings.

Today, I made a choice based on the consequences of my actions. Choice made [easy], moved on. Forgot about the cake, enjoyed my cup of green tea and chatted about holiday plans.

In fact I only just remembered tonight that it even happened. WOW! I guess you have to have some sort of dysfunctional relationship with sugar and carbs to identify with this, but if you do, you'll agree it was some sort of epiphany.

Epiphanys [or is it epiphanies] - my favourite thing.

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