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Saturday, 6 January 2007

Hands up if you HATE cardio - yes, this is for you

I HATE cardio.

I find it tedious and boring and no amount of music, TV, reading, meditating would have convinced me otherwise ... until today.

This is the best web address you will ever find

Now, I know it costs money $US 14.95 but it is SO worth it.

The MP3 tracks talks you through an interval training session on whatever form of cardio you choose. I tried it out on the treadmill at the gym this morning. I purchased Volume One (revised) Intermediate.

35 minutes sped by, I sweated buckets, but I wasn't tired or even felt if I was working that hard. Along with my weight session, I burned (or is it burnt?) 575 calories today. That is nearly double what I normally do.

The combination of hard work, great music and your own personal trainer in your ear had so many endorphins coursing through my veins that I was in danger of crying with happiness. Now, that NEVER happens on a treadmill in my experience!

There used to be a demo you could download, but it's gone off the site (I got it ages ago) so you have to take a leap of faith, although they do offer a money back guarantee. You can listen to bits of it if you click on an album in the "shop" and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Also, although he is American, the guy is not TOO enthusiastic - he's kind of like your own Bob Harper ["Biggest Loser"]

They are not paying me anything to advertise their product, I promise! I just can't believe how great a cardio workout I just had, and how much fun!! I want to do it again!!!


  1. Hi Katie
    I'm intrigued - visited the site but couldn't find where I could download a demo??
    Which workout did you buy?

  2. Lisa - it appears the demo has gone. I have updated accordingly so others don't go searching in vain.
    I got Volume One [revised].