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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Men are Looking

On Saturday night [the night of the carb fest incident] my husband commented that men were checking me out at the bar of the Hotel where we had dinner
Today, I went to a conference and noticed men looking at me.
On the way home tonight, two young men passed me on the street and gave me a "come hither" look.

3 times in a week!

Now this is something I am not used to. In my youth, I always felt attractive and never had trouble finding a boyfriend even though I was rather voluptuous.

But in the last few years, although I have always been confident in my personality and intelligence, I have rarely felt sexually attractive to anyone else but my husband - and he loves me because he knows me.

So this is unfamiliar territory.

I am trying not to sound vain, or self obsessed but it is rather nice to get pleasant surprises still after all this time.

I am not a young thing anymore, I have grey hair, wrinkles, the odd liver spot on my hands and old man wrinkled skin on my belly because my skin is still searching for my fat, but apparently I am still attractive to men both mature and young.

I don't want to run off with anyone else but my darling, long suffering, kind and supportive husband but it is rather nice to feel pretty or ... beautiful.

It was never my goal to look sexy, it was my goal to look good. What did I think that would mean? Maybe that people would think I looked fit and healthy? Sexy didn't really enter my mind and now look what happened.

Be careful what you wish for ...


  1. Hi Katie,

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog – I really appreciate feedback like that. It's why I post stuff like that! I think I'll try it for a few days to shock my body a bit, but I agree it is not sustainable long term. I've increased my exercise so much and that hasn't made much of a difference to time to change the eating a bit. I'll keep you updated!

    And good work on looking sexy!
    Em xxx

  2. You're flourishing, inside and out, and people are noticing :)