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Sunday, 18 February 2007

We're all going on a summer holiday

Early tomorrow morning I hop on a plane and fly to Cairns for 7 wonderful days at Palm Cove. I haven't had a holiday since July 2005 and this year worked through all the Christmas and New Year public holidays as well. I so deserve a break!
I have my bag half packed [swimsuits and workout gear] and have bought all the extra toiletries I normally share with Mr Katie.

I am going on my own - this may horrify some people - my Mr Katie hates the beach and I am truly an introvert. I love being on my own, it refreshes and rejuvenates me. I won't have to talk to anyone for a week!

I have sensibly booked a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen so I can take care of good food. I am taking my stretch band and workout DVDs to take care of no gym. Today, I shall shave and exfoliate. I'm nearly ready to go - EXCITED!

Not sure if I will have Internet access though so this blog may be quiet for a week. I shall return on Monday 26 Feb, so please wait for me and don't delete me from your favourites [if one of the blogs on my favourites doesn't have a new post for over a week I DELETE it!!]. I will not be able to weigh myself for a whole week either, so the weekly spreadsheet will be suspended, or at least without weight data. I am anticipating a good loss though with nothing else to do except swim, run on the beach, walk and relax.

The sad news is that I have lost all my weight, food and exercise records. I use a program called Diet Organizer on my phone/PDA and yesterday I dropped the phone and it did a factory reset which erased everything. Now I suspect that when I sync with my computer at work it will all come back, but won't be able to do that for two weeks.

So yesterday, I downloaded a demo of another program called MyPersonalDiet. Although a little hard to get used to [and all my favourite foods need re-entering] it seems quite good. A lot more graphical [I love pictures] and seems to do a bit more reporting than the old one. The demo lasts for 10 days so if I like it I will switch, otherwise I'll run into work to get the previous program and data reloaded. Strangely, a fresh start without baggage might be just the motivation I need.

... sometimes I am so positive I make MYSELF sick ... anyone else would be screaming if they lost all their diet data from the last two years ... me, I think it is a new challenge and a fresh start ... I am WEIRD!!

I am rescheduling my weigh in to Sundays from today due to rushing away early tomorrow morning. It also give me time to reflect on the week and to enter the numbers and comments on my blog in a leisurely manner [without having to run to work]. I am also starting to record BF% from the scales. I know this is not very accurate, but I want to see if there is a trend.
I am also contemplating introducing a cheat day in the future and am planning on that being Sundays. So I want to weigh before I have a high calorie day.

Today's weight: 60.8kg - BF% 19 - AND I'm bloated like a pig, or a cow, or a cane toad that someone put a straw up its arse and blew [Queenslanders will understand...]. TTOM is imminent ...

I am also considering recording weekly averages rather than what transpires on a particular day. Some people chart their weight and then get this line that shows trend and even with giant fluctuations there is a downward slope. I don't know how to do this, so the next best thing is to use the average. I have also contemplated registering the lowest weight for the week, but I have been as low as 60kgs only once, so everything since would look like a gain.

I'm sounding a little obsessed now ...

Oh - I forgot

ZERO GAIN - staying power = under 62kg

Thank you
Thank you to everyone who commented on my three part autobiography. It's good to know I'm not the only freak in the world. If I can be of any help email me at
thin-enough at optusnet dot com dot au

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