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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Gratuitous Kitty Photos

This is the new kitty who is having an identity crisis because we can't agree on her name. I call her Lucy but hubby insists she is Izzy [and he doesn't read your blog Chris!] but we've already had a Lizzie cat and I think it's too close. She is not a little kitten anymore -- just like babies [or so I've been told] they grow up so fast.

It's 1 July and time for a monthly weigh in but after corn chips and oatmeal yesterday the number is far too scary to write down.

Half the year is gone already. Someone recently explained why time goes by so fast these days. When you are 10 years old, a year is 1/10th of your life. But when you are 42, a year is only 1/42th [or is it 1/42nd?] of your life -- a much smaller percentage.

I hope that all your health and fitness goals are reached in this next half of 2007.


  1. How cute! I love my babies. I need to post my latest gratuitous kitty photos. :)

  2. You'd better choose quick - my cat got stuck with "Kitty" for her entire life (19 years) because I was nine years old and couldn't think of one, so she just kept getting called Kitty, and so it stuck!! :)

    Such a gorgeous cat though - that bottom photo looks like you're being stalked!!

  3. We cats rule. Nuff Said.

    Shakespeare Fat

  4. Wonderful Kitty!

    Our new kitten pictures will be up shortly (we just her last week) - my hubby wrote a funny post for me so I wanted to get that one up first.

    Health and Happiness, Lady Rose