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Friday, 21 September 2007


I ran 5kms this morning in 29:29. I have had two days off because of this weird chest ache I get when I exercise too much (no it is not a heart attack, I have had all the ECGs before and there is nothing wrong with me) so being fresh and rested today I felt like I could run forever.

It's a weird thing about running. If you stop for a day or two, the next time the running is easier and lighter and you can run faster. That motivates you to run more and more until you crash and stop for a few days and the cycle begins again.

Sadly, I want to go and do a really long run tomorrow now. But I should save myself for Sunday so I can't do anything on Saturday.

I just hope I feel this way come Sunday morning.

I reckon I have lost about half a kilo this week (it's hard to tell with the way my weight jumps around and directly after a huge Chinese meal last night) but I am smaller. The size 10 track pants I bought last weekend are now falling off me and my stomach is showing wrinkly skin again - always a sign that I'm shrinking. My arse is a lot smaller and tighter, I can tell when my jeans get baggy in the back.

You would hope there would be some progress as my iPod tells me I have run 98km for 11.6 hours this month and burned off 6612 calories. That means it takes more than 100km for a kilo to be melted away! That's a bit depressing. I think I'll have to staple my mouth shut as well *grins*.

There is a small blogger meet after the Bridge Run on Sunday where I shall hopefully get to meet the famous Tiny Donna. If you want to come along, we are meeting up a the 0pera H0use after the race. This will be my first blogger meet up ever so I am pretty excited. See you there - I'll be the sweaty one having a heart attack :)


  1. hehe i love the shrinking tummy thing, i am getting it from all my rpm's this week already!

    and yay for sunday. i will be there with bells on. and my camera hehe

    emm cant come koz she is still not well but sherrie wants to meet up too so i will be there for sure.


    youve got my number now lovely.. see you there! x

  2. and GOOD LUCK you will be awesome!

  3. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Hey Katie, Good luck for Sunday from a fellow runner! I have just discoved the joy of it!!
    Enjoy, looking forward to reading about how you went!
    Cheryl :-)



    give me a call once you are done or an sms. i will aim to get there for a 10am meet up if that sounds good?



  5. You probably wont see this message in time, but Good luck tomorrow - I will be thinking of you. I really wanted to come across to Sydney to do the bridge run, but sadly my finances wouldn't allow it after an expensive weekend with the City-Bay in Adelaide. Nevermind - I have teed up with a friend to do it next year - so maybe I will see you then.

    By the way, when the dust settles after the race, you and I really must talk about you getting a Garmin for your running - since we both share a love of gadgets - and this one is the "ultimate" for running.

    Good luck!