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Friday, 7 September 2007

34.6km and Famous Folk

34.6km is how far I have run or walked since 1 September. I am loving it. I have run 6 kms without stopping once. I am going to do a really long run tomorrow (if it doesn't rain). I think I might have found something I'm good at!

My eating, on the other hand has been crap. I have been trying to eat more carbohydrates for energy and to move towards more 'normal' eating. For some reason, I thought I could eat wheat again.

About 1 year ago I gave up wheat as an experiment because I self diagnosed as gluten intolerant (can't remember why - I think I just thought I'd give it a go + bread is my trigger food which sometimes indicates an allergy). Then lately, I convinced myself that this whole wheat thing was invented by me, and the only reason I lost weight when I gave up wheat was because it reduced my carb intake.

So I started off with wholemeal flour in my morning pancakes and progressed to whole wheat wraps and then pasta. Not to mention the Burgen bread and the raisin toast ... well, you get the picture.

Here's how dumb I am. For the past week to 10 days (since the re-introduction of wheat) I have had a revoltingly painful mouth. Not ulcers, but a cracked and swollen tongue, inflammation on the inside of my cheek and cracks on the corners of my mouth. I have been bloated and have had odd pains in my stomach and beyond!

It has taken me this long to work out what is wrong with me. I had some relief mid week and then it got worse again. Midweek, I now remember, I ate rice instead of bread for lunch.

Just g00gled my symptoms against gluten intolerance *slapping myself on the forehead* - how stupid can an intelligent woman be. No more wheat for me if this is what it does to my body.


In other news - the wh1te sa1ls asylum has been hosting the infamous w0rld leaders this week (I am not typing the "A" word because the thought police will get me). So I've seen Pres1dent Bu$h and little J0hnny H0ward up close and personal.

I know there is a big pr0test planned for tomorrow so I just want to remind those "peaceful" pr0testers to remember people like me.

We never asked to have this soiree at our workplace, we didn't ask to go through @sio checks to get accreditation, we didn't voluntarily sign up for 16 hour days for 8 days straight and we don't really enjoy having to walk to work at 6am on a public holiday in the pouring rain because there is no way a bus/train/taxi, let alone a scooter can get near the joint. So when you see us poor labourers heading towards the p0liticians answer to a pi$$ing contest tomorrow, please don't take it out on us. Stopping us going to work tomorrow won't change a thing. Trust me, as somebody who is in charge of everything event related down there, I know about these things.

Remember that we are the innocents. That is all.


  1. Poor you... gluten intolerant and having to put up with crap cos of Bush's visit.... hope it doesn't rain then!

  2. You sound like you are really enjoying running! Good on you! I wonder how many other people have allergies to bread and don't make the connection?

  3. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Katie darling, please please please move to Brisbane so we can go running together!!!
    S X

  4. Anonymous1:37 pm

    I bet you can do it in less than an hour babes!!
    And that is exactly why I was sick because I didnt let my breakkie go down.... silly girl!!
    Happy running!!
    S X

  5. Anonymous4:27 pm

    7km is awesome!!!
    The thing with me is, I just cant run outside... the air kills my lungs for some reason.... and the tready keeps me fast, if I was running outside at my own pace, I would be a snail!!
    Great effort babes!!!
    S X