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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Absent without Leave

Have been absent from blogging because I have been feeling like sh1t this week. I also have a massive coldsore on my lower lip - a result of the Bridge Run it appears. (this relates to the feeling like sh1t part, not my inability to blog because I don't actually need my lips to type!)

Yesterday I found a food diary from October 1st some year (I think it was 2005 but not sure). My weight was 57.4 kg.

How depressing is that? I am one donut away from being TEN FUCKING KILOS heavier than that right now. And I don't have any real clue as to why ... except the sh!t that I eat and the amount of sitting around on my fat @rse obviously.

I worry that my blog makes me sound like a mentally unstable child with a short attention span, I keep starting a new plan and then falling off the wagon a few weeks/days into it. I know that I was planning to be a runner, but for some reason my chest/lungs won't co-operate. I am still getting this really bad ache in my chest. Without spending thousands of dollars on doctors again who can't figure it out, I have come up with my own half baked theory. It has something to do with damage from pneumonia when I was a kid ... Dr Google tells me it leaves scarring on your lungs. Either that or I have lung cancer/heart disease/exercise induced asthma.

It's like that old joke - "ME: Doctor, my arm only hurts when I raise it. DOCTOR: Then don't raise it!" ... it hurts when I run ... so don't run idiot!

This long meandering post will end of course with another ill conceived plan.
What will it be this time kiddies - place your bets now - low carb, low fat, cardio, weights, raw food, tantric sex??

Tomorrow is Monday and the 1st of October. I am going to try the Body for Life 12 week challenge. I have printed out all the exercise and diet plans for the next 84 days. I am hoping that by the end of 3 months I will have my lean body back. God knows it is flabby and revolting at the moment.

So here's to moderation (ouch ... I hate that word) - 1500 calorie diet of whole foods, equal protein and carbs with one free day; 3 days of weights and 3 days of 20 minute cardio with a rest day. The lovely Kek had amazing results with this plan so I am hoping it will work for me

No starting date weigh in because I am sure I will need to commit suicide by sugar overdose if I see how fat I really am. I had my "last supper" of crap last night and have been very well behaved today. Even though I nearly started a domestic this morning by not eating any of Mr Katie's Sunday morning fry up.

Here's to the next 12 weeks, I am hoping that I am so out of shape that I will ride the wonderful rollercoaster of building muscle while burning fat. Bring on the war! (I think) I'm ready!

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  1. Hi Katie
    I'd been thinking about posting something about your running - but didn't want to sound too "preachy", but maybe now's a good time...Don't give up!!!!I was thinking that you were pushing too hard too fast - and maybe this is what's giving you the lung/chest pain. Run alternate days, not consecutive (walk in between to maintain the routine) and initially you should aim for running slow and lengthening your run, rather than trying to increase speed. Apparently you need to get lots of kms under your belt before you think about speed.
    You loved the feeling of running, and your body seemed to respond to it - just take it slow and easy

    BTW I totally understand what your post is about - going through the same stuff myself!