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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Crush

Once upon a time I had a huge crush on a boy. We worked together for the same company about 10 years ago. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I had a very erotic dream about him.

He came back into my life this week as a new colleague in a different company. I vaguely remembered the crush I had had on him, I didn't remember the dream.

Yesterday I was chairing a very important meeting. He came in late and sat down next to me. All of a sudden the erotic dream came back to me in vivid detail.

I was momentarily so distracted that I could hardly speak. I think I may have blushed. I am sure the whole room thought I was a crazy woman.

Now - it's all I can think about. Bad wife, being unfaithful in my head!!!


  1. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Hehe!! Naughty!!!!
    S X

  2. Ohh but its fun to dream!!!

  3. hehehe its nice to be able to back to that little space in your head!

  4. Anonymous12:59 pm

    ooh thats so cool.. hehe x

  5. At my age I can blame a blush on hot flashes! LOL
    I hope you re-thought about the dream later! hehehe