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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run

(1) As I suspected by N1K3 ipod overestimates distance. My 9km run clocked at 10.67km on my gadget. I should calibrate it properly, but now I have all this (skewed) data I don't really want to. After all - progress is relative!
So I ran the 9km in 60:59 minutes. And I did run, I didn't stop once. All manner of people ran past me including little kids, but I concentrated on keeping in time to my 172bpm dance track.
The return leg from Mrs Macquaries chair was tough, but once I got to the downhill run at Macquarie Street it was all good.
I am pretty proud of the effort considering I have only been running for 23 days!

(2) TinyDonna is as cute as a doll. We had lunch together and it felt like we had been friends forever. Very strange when I have never met her before. She has the photos of lunch which will no doubt appear on her blog very soon.

(3) Kate finished the 42km marathon - WOW what an effort! TinyDonna and I were there to cheer her home at the finish line.

(4) I have the running bug and want to do another one. I was actually quite teary as I ran on to the Harbour Bridge this morning. I have never even walked it let alone run it. Watching all those fit athletes run off into the distance was an amazing experience.


  1. Gosh I am homesick for Old Sydney Town.


  2. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Good on you Katie!! I proud of you!
    Cheryl :-)

  3. Anonymous4:49 pm

    heheh... no no - YOU are as cute as a doll... a blonde gorgeous tiny butted doll hehe

    thanks for lunch it was so fun... i love you lots! MWAAHHH

    oh and tell hubby we are going to MARKET! hehe

    d x

  4. Anonymous4:49 pm

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  5. Congratulations Katie on doing so well considering you've only been running for 23days! That's excellent work, you should be very proud of yourself!

  6. Katie- congratulations on your result! That is an awesome time for someone who has been running for such a short period of time!!! I'm sorry we never got to meet- hope you have had a fab day! It looks like you did :)

  7. Awesome work Katie - you kicked it's butt!! :)

    Just think, you COULD do the SMH Half Marathon in May??... :) hehe

    Thanks again for hanging around at the finish for me - it was SO long. I am officially broken, but I did play basketball grand final last night, so that probably wasn't the best idea. Although I think I would be sorer if I hadn't moved again.

    Hope you're not sore or tired - and I'll see you out there running! :)