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Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Ooooh there is a huge blogger altercation going on and it appears I have inadvertently "taken sides" with my post last night.

It was even graciously suggested that I delete it to protect myself from the fallout**.

But I stand by my unwavering commitment to respect and truth. After all, I am the only chick in the fatty~thinny~fattish~trying to get thin again universe who stuck up for Kimmer from Kimkins for the love of god!

I don't really care who said what to whom, why, where and when wicked witch of the west, warped, workout, waffles, womb, water, wasabe, watootsie ... oops I got stuck on alliteration there ...

Here are MY rules of blogging:

(1) I have the privilege in the free part of the world to write anything (legal) I feel inclined to my blog and if people are bored, confused, or offended by the small part of my personality I chose to share with the "world", then they don't need to read it.

(2) If I comment I will do it with respect for the person's feelings. I can not possibly understand how it feels to walk in someone else's shoes so I have no right to inflict my values and judgement on others.

(3) This last rule applies to blogs and those "reply to all" emails you get at work that are annoying, misinformed and rude ... write this down, it's a goodie ... dickheads are self evident. In other words, I don't need to comment or reply to point this out.

These are MY rules, not yours, nor do I expect you to adopt them. But those of you who see the world the same way I do will agree that to do good, to bring pleasure and to help someone is why we are here.

Go in peace ... be serene, marvellous, pure and brilliant ... it's all there inside you ... don't be in your head, be in your heart.

That is all, carry on!

**Although I sometimes sound like Tinkerbell from LaLa Land, I am actually quite a toughie, so if you want to disagree with me about anything at anytime, I'm always up for healthy debate :) ... and I love advice ~ especially when Kek tells me to eat more food and more carbs!

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  1. You out of all of us are one very clever chick. I wish I was.