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Friday, 19 October 2007

This is What I Got for my Birthday

I got this comment on my birthday post on Tuesday.
Lizzie said...

Hi katiep!!

Why are you so fanatical about your exercise and diet?? I often listen to, or more appropriately read, you rabbiting on and on about those mystery pounds you need to shed- when in actual fact, you are in fantastic shape (regardless of age!)and look grreat!!
Don't be so hard on yourself; be thankful for your toned stomach and defined limbs, and celebrate what you do have!
Good on you for excerising, eating healthy and staying fit (I mean that genuinely!!), just try not to listen too hard to your inner critic, which by the way is a b*tch!! :)


This comment has been bothering me since I first read it.

1. Am I "fanatical about diet and exercise"?

2. Do I "rabbit on and on about those mystery pounds I need to shed ..."?

3. Am I "in fantastic shape (regardless of age) and look great"?

4. Is my "inner critic a b*tch"?

Could Lizzie/Lauren (who doesn't have a blog so I have no idea who she is) be right?

And more importantly, why do I even care what a stranger thinks?

The answers ...

1. YES, I am fanatical about diet and exercise. Frankly it makes me happier and enjoy life more to look after my body.

2. YES, I do rabbit on about the pounds (which are NOT mysterious) I need to lose. If I didn't, it wouldn't be much of a weight loss blog would it?

3. YES, some people think I am already in great shape. If I looked like I do today for the rest of my life, I wouldn't be too disappointed. But I don't think I'm in fantastic shape - I know there is a lean muscled athlete inside waiting to come out. And I'm going to do everything I damn well can to get there. See (1) above .

4. YES, my inner critic is a b*tch, but so am I. I'm tough, determined, committed and ruthless when it comes to doing things 100%. I love my inner b*tch.

Supplementary question - do I care what other people think? Fuck no! I don't even care what my husband thinks about how I look, exercise and eat and I love him so I am hardly going to take much notice of complete strangers! (Unless I 'know' them and their stories and they have gentle advice to offer based on their own success/failure ...)

Phew - I think I exorcised that particular issue - and after all is said and done - that's the point of this whole blogging thing!


  1. Anonymous8:26 am

    hey puffin.... as you so kindly mentioned in the post above... it is about how YOU feel.

    though i don't think i am anywhere near as toned or gorgeous as you are.. i still see where you are coming from as i get comments from people sometimes saying i look great the way i am.. but its all about how you feel. as long as it isnt unhealthy, and i dont think your "obsession" is unhealthy at all.. in fact, you train and eat like an athlete because you want to be one! so thats awesome. in fact its fucking brilliant!

    i can see how the comment upset you a bit.. but also, people who dont know you very well, or havent met you in real life, couldnt know.. so dont get too upset by what they say. im sure lauren didnt mean any harm, in fact she was telling u how gorgeous you are :)


    isnt it funny how the world sees us when we still think theres room to move or get better.

  2. Hey gorgious Katie, One thing i have learnt in what feels like a million years of weightloss is that you have to happy with YOU and what YOU feel about yourself. It doesnt matter if it is 100kgs or 1kgs to loose or put on. Its all about YOU!!
    I think you are gorgious and would kill for a body like yours but honey its your life and i think you are doing so well. I admire you so much and have for a long time. Who cares what people think.
    Cheryl :)

  3. Essie2:06 pm

    Yeah, you're my hero Katie, I wish I had your determination. Your photos now are what I'm aiming for, and I know how great I'll feel then. Just know that you are an inspiration to many.

    But you also have your goals, and you stick to them, I was looking at Built's website and it took her a while to figure it out, so you go girl.

    I'm also sure the comment wasn't meant to be harmful, just to step back and encourage you to look at how far you've come. If you want to go further, go for it. Those abs that are your goal are going up on my fridge!!! Not that I'll ever get there, but hell, why not aim for the sky.

  4. Katie, other people are often bemused by our desire to be better/fitter/stronger/faster. It's usually because they don't have any such ambitions themselves and therefore find our desire for improvement totally alien.

    Many of them have fallen for the myth that because you're over a certain age or because you've had children, you have to accept a pot belly and heavy thighs, so they don't get why we'd pursue such "unrealistic" goals.

    My favourite quote whenever anyone brings up the "O" word is this:

    Obsessed is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

  5. Very wise is our Kek eh?

  6. Hi Katie
    I've been waiting for this post - knew the comment would bother you from the moment I read it. But I do have another birthday present for you - purchase and download this book - Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (an easy google) I have just finished reading it and it is fantastic - and I think it answers a lot of the questions you have been posting lately. Alternatively email me your address.....

  7. Effing awesome post. Thanks. I was in an endless circle of beating myself up for beating myself up and having an inner critic who is total bitch. Now I'm back to celebrating her -- just maybe not letting her get into the driver's seat.