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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Can I bottle this?

I have just run for 55 minutes on the treadmill.
Now I feel fucking fantastic. I never want to run because I always feel too tired but afterwards I feel amazing.
I can't really say that I LOVE to exercise. All I love is the endorphin rush afterwards. Even after years of doing this, I still hate the THOUGHT of doing it and always want to stop before 5 minutes are up. But after I push through that barrier sometimes I could go forever ...


Here's the Mich@el Bubl3 story for Em.
He was doing a series of concerts at the Wh1te S@ils Asylum and I was the stage manager.
He is a very charming boy and appears to genuinely love all women.
He started off my hugging me just before he went on stage and on the final night he gave me a huge kiss on the lips.
I felt very flattered and slightly guilty being a married woman and all. I went home to my husband that night and said "Quick honey, you need to kiss me right now". "Why?" he asked somewhat confused. "Because you need to cancel out the kiss Mich@el Bubl3 just gave me".
And his reply that shall go down in history as the most romantic response ever
"... do I have to?"


  1. snap! i just got off the treadmill myself! i agree about the 5 minute mark. i also notice that after around 30 minutes i'm in a groove and could forever. only my two cherubs always save me from that fate!

  2. Totally agree with that!! If Im tired I still push to get on the treadmill cause I love the feeling afterwards!!

    You lucky duck with Micheal, what a surprise that would be:)


  3. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Exercise and especially running is so addictive!
    Love it!