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Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Revolution

It is that time of the year when we look back and decide how badly we did and resolve to change in the coming year. This is called a New Year's Resolution.

Not much interested in contemplating my shortcomings. Not much interested in setting goals just once a year, I do it everyday.

So today's post is a celebration of 2007 - a pat on the back for all the hard work I achieved.

1. I stayed in shape without going to the gym for most of the year.
2. I weighed exactly the same on 29th Dec 2007 as I did on 29th Dec 2006.
3. I actively explored my spiritual beliefs
4. I became a runner
5. I built my new team at work
6. I made a real life friend from blogworld
7. I finally found a way of eating that suits me
8. I lost a special furry friend and adopted a new one
9. I learned self defence
10. I practiced yoga twice a week consistently
11. I felt loved by my husband
12. I had a great time

Although 2008 may hold new experiences and adventures, in actual fact, all I have is this present moment. I am not waiting until tomorrow for a fresh start ... I'm going to make wonderful choices today. Let's have a New Year's Revolution.

See you at the fireworks ... I'll be the one working :)


  1. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures in 2008. Happy New Year

  2. I really like that pic Katie!

  3. Happy New Year Katie, and I hope you feel you made more than ONE new friend in 2007 !

  4. Happy New Year Miss K!
    I love your new furry friend.
    Cheryl XXX

  5. ooh ohooohhhh... is number 6 me???

    hope so!!!!!!

  6. Happy New Year Katie! I hope 2008 is even better for you! ((HUGS))