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Sunday, 13 January 2008

From One Kitty to Another

Dear Miss Kitty

I have been searching for days and days for your blog on our computer and I can't find it. I am very sad because I looked forward every day to reading about the antics of another kitty and now my daily fix has gone.

I have spoken to Miss Katie about this and she is also feeling very sad. She is extremely sorry that she was mean and upset you and she apologises if she hurt you.

Please forgive her so that she can load up your blog into G00gle reader again and I can once again visit your blog.

I did hear that you have some fascination with fur and if mine isn't sufficient I have secretly found this for your viewing pleasure.

Please kiss and have make up sex because if Kittys aren't happy, all is not right with the world.
Love Izzy


  1. Anonymous5:41 pm


  2. Your a sweetheart Miss KatieP

  3. You dirty old slapper...As I live and breathe. Fur and make up sex?


    Okay. But only cause of the pussy. NOT the cat.


  4. It takes a pretty amazing person to say I'm sorry. When you've hurt someone in the heat of the moment and later have regrets.
    Hat off to you my friend. I'm glad it's all sorted. Don't you feel better now?

  5. who needs an oprah like show when we have blogland and sensitive sweet ladies!

    yay to kittys - all is good with the world now :)