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Thursday, 17 January 2008

It Hurts to Move

On Monday night I had a session with a personal trainer. One of the girls at work is fully qualified and is offering training sessions for $30 an hour (a bargain!)

At 5-30pm we headed off to the Botanic Gardens for our workout.

First of all we ran to our destination which was about a 10 minute run uphill. Then we did boxing (uppercuts, straight punches and high punches) interspersed with sprints, bodyweight squats and step running. After about half an hour of this we did push ups, walking lunges, situps and various other things I can't remember. After an hour of all types of torture and a huge stretch we ran back to work.

Now I am a good PT client because I do whatever I'm told and I don't stop (even when sporting serious sunburn). I push out those last 20 punches even if my arms are burning like f*ck. I did pushups until I couldn't push up anymore, then I rested for a few seconds and went again until I got the last 10 completed. At the end of the session I was dripping with sweat and had shaking limbs.

On Tuesday I went to yoga (I go to a class, so I don't have any videos I can recommend Cheryl) at 5pm - just before the 24 hour window was up.

By Tuesday night I was in pain. Not normal localised muscle soreness, I couldn't specify the individual muscles but a generalised ache.

I have been in total body pain ever since and it is not pretty. Instead of just having one or two bits of you that hurt, I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Things hurt that I never knew I had!

Aside from the usual muscles (biceps, triceps, hamstrings, shoulders etc.) my forearms are sore, my lower back is sore and my inside stomach muscles hurt when I laugh.

Although I worked hard aerobically, I didn't really think I had worked my muscles that much at all - I didn't touch a single dumbell. It just goes to show that cross training and full body movement do recruit different muscles to isolation or even compound exercises.

Only problem is that it is impossible to do much else this week. I went for a run yesterday morning but it was very painful. I wonder if a full body blast once a week is enough to sculpt a lean mean muscle machine? I think I will have today off and think about doing something low intensity tomorrow. O U C H.

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  1. Anonymous9:15 am

    the pain sounds familiar, like my first 3 weeks of the biggest loser challenge at my old gym. you will get over it in the coming weeks if you keep up the training with her. trust me! :D

    and thanks for your txt this morning, i am doing ok now :D xx