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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Role Model

Today I have been thinking about role models. I want to understand how lean, fit women meet their fitness goals. I am a fan of Skwigg who is a former BFL girl with an amazing body (and attitude) so I trawled through her entire website looking for the secret formula.

Skwigg is currently doing Turbul3nce Tr@ining and they have a special on so I bought the program.

I am starting on Monday so I will keep you posted.

I am back to work tomorrow - thank goodness, I'm bored!!

~ scooter ~


  1. Anonymous10:12 pm

    biker chick!!!

    i have read about turbulence training somewhere before... hmm it seems we browse the same websites woman!!!

  2. OOOO I miss my scooter.... and boredom sucks big time. At least you have work to go back to, I have...... the vacuming.