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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Can I?

Two days down - four days to go.
They are driving me crazy ... CRAZY!!!
Can I come home now??
H E L P .............................................


  1. I only see my parents a few times a year. As a result, I want to murder them within two days. That is the absolute maximum time frame I can hope to enjoy them for. Beyond two days, it is pure hell.

  2. WHAT??? Did we not just LOVE our sunday drive???? lol You poor bugger, hang in there, and remember why you came over... to see your folks who you HAVE MISSED!

  3. hehe, I agree with Chris, its a long way over there, so enjoy and it will be over before you know it and you'll be back in aussieland missing them all over again!!

  4. Hi, just popping in as I've just discovered your blog.
    Yes, parents/family all drive you crazy (that's what makes you realise the difference between sanity and NOT) LOL...but hey, enjoy it... you'll miss them when they're not around.
    (an ex nuzillunder)