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Friday, 1 February 2008

How can something so simple be so difficult

It's been said all over the internet by people much more impressive than me that the NROL4W workout looks deceptively simple.

I alternate between Workout A and B with a rest day in between. At the beginning of the program you only do 2 sets. But the trick is that the weight goes up as the reps go down (started at 15 reps and now doing 12).

Now these are not huge weights for anyone else but me but I have just finished my workout and almost killed myself.

2 x 12 squats with 20kgs on the bar (I don't know how much the bar weighs - I started at 15, then 17 and now 10kgs each side)

12 full mans pushups on the floor (I was doing 15 reps with my hands elevated) supersetted with 12 cable rows (on my PPGym, all four cables + 2.5kg extra on the seat) x 2

12 step ups on the rebok step at full height with 7kg dumbells in each hand supersetted with 10 jackknives on the stability ball x 2

I am shattered.

I have been trying to eat all my food but I can't always manage it especially at work when I have meetings all day. So far this week I have averaged 1464 and my goal was 1545 so I am not doing so bad. I have been eating much more protein than normal and have averaged 141g a day.

The scales say 61.8kg this morning so I am NOT GAINING FAT (post TTOM always shows a low weight).

I am on holidays for the next three weeks so I should be able to eat regularly and properly except for the time I am with my parents in New Zealand. Unfortunately my mother is a food pusher so I shall have to see how it goes.

Speaking of food - I'm hungry - see ya later!

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