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Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Debrief

In my job I conduct post event debriefs. Notes are recording in three categories
1. Best Practice - what worked well that we should adopt as standard practice for future events
2. Needs Improvement - things that have an obvious easy fix
3. Further Discussion - things that need working through in more detail

So here is my competition debrief

Best Practice
+ Macros - 20/40/40 seems to work for me in losing weight. Low carb make me too tired.
+ Paleo - although I hated it, it did work. Include alternate Paleo days from 6-8 weeks out.
+ Calories - 1400 seems to be my sweet spot for losing weight.
+ Rest day on Friday - I am exhausted by the end of the week and Friday is the perfect rest day. There is more time on the weekends to train hard
+ Daily countdown on blog - this helped to keep me focused and accountable. Ongoing support was a huge help
+ Shelley - having someone to talk to going through the exact same things made it easier to keep focused
+ Heels - wearing show heels around the house for months meant that I was perfectly comfortable in them the whole day
+ Schedule - having an hour by hour breakdown of the 3 days leading up to the competition meant everything was done on time and the anxiety was reduced
+ Tan - paying someone to spray on my Contest Colour made the job quick and easy
+ RPM - spin classes reshaped my lower body without bulking up too much. Never give them up.
+ Behind the scenes - talking to people, helping other girls get ready, organising people getting to the stage was the highlight of the day. Be remembered for what I did for other people rather than just what I looked like.

Needs Improvement
+ Training - Although Liz was fantastic and I couldn't have done it without her, next time I will work with a body building specialist face to face who can monitor my progress and make immediate adjustments to training and diet. I think ongoing live feedback will improve my results
+ Symmetry - my legs turned out to be my strongest point after all the worry. There are good solid muscles under the fat. I need to work on my upper body, arse and abs. Shoulders need to be broader and fuller. Explore creatine.
+ Pre-contest diet - it takes 5-8 hours for a carb load to show up on my body. I will carb load the night before if pre-judging is before lunch. Ditch the potassium - the damage from the cramps is still present one week later
+ Routine - a new routine is needed that is more funky
+ Presentation - I will be more edgy with hair, makeup and jewellery. I will reflect more of my personality and not try to be someone else. Bikini bottom sides need to be worn higher
+ Tanning - I will get a solarium tan and only a couple of coats of Contest Colour. Dream Tan should be two coats with spray oil over the top
+ Backstage help - Find a former competitor to help me backstage
+ Photography - employ a professional photographer to take photos on the day. Mine were crap and I don't have a good shot of the finished product at all. Schedule a photoshoot a couple of days before in gym clothes
+ Schedule - 16 weeks is too long to be on a competition diet. Try 10-12 weeks maximum.
+ Treat meals - to prevent them becoming a binge, include an "off plan" meal of moderate size twice a week - Wednesday night (to prevent Thursdayitis) and Sunday night. A Paleo day should follow any treat - Mon - P, Wed - P till treat, Thur - P, Sat - P
+ Weight - starting weight should not exceed 59 kilos maximum. Goal weight should edging towards 52kg.
+ Sleep - try to get to bed earlier to achieve 8 hours each and every night
+ Division - stick to Masters only - I can't compete with anyone under 40
+ Life - try not to have overseas holidays, major work events, house moving, and interstate conferences within the dieting/training window
+ Attitude - try not to take it too seriously and take over my life. Worry less.
+ Post Competition Blues - have a proper eating plan in place for the DAY AFTER the competition. Expect my appetite to be out of control and plan accordingly.

Needs Discussion
+ Do I want to do this again in order to see what happens if I make the improvements above?
+ Should I change to physique rather than figure?
+ Surgery - do I need an inner thigh lift? Do I need a boob job?
+ Would I feel more fulfilled just being a backstage helper? I got the biggest thrill of the day when my backstage friend placed 2nd than at any other time.
+ Is there an organisational role for me in the competition circuit that will fulfill me more than participating as a competitor? Should I make it my mission to make body building competitions professional, polished and improve their production values?
+ A year between shows seems to long to wait? Can I do this twice a year or is that too much?
+ Can I be more useful as a Coach rather than a competitor? What would I need to do to become a personal trainer? Could I sustain two jobs?

+ Do I need a lobotomy for even considering any of this?


  1. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Great post, thanks for sharing it. They're all valid points worth exploring.

    It did my head in just reading it. LOL!! If you want someone to bounce ideas of why don't you post them in's Forum. A problem shared is a problem halved.

    Lia :o)

  2. Great analysis, Katie....and great questions. I've already asked myself many of the same ones. Lots to think about.

    If you say no to everything else, PLEASE make it your mission to get some polish and professionalism into comps. I'd appreciate it. :o)

  3. Very very fascinating. A question - what is Physique, versus Figure?

  4. I laughed at your walking around the house in heels. This is EXACTLY what my 14 year old does with new shoes before any event where she will be on stage (in those new shoes). We can tell when she gets used to them - because it starts with her being noise-y and then gets quieter and quieter as she gets more control.

  5. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Great post Katie. No you don't need a lobotomy, I wondered if you could give it all up???


  6. well, well, well....that's a bit of a change from last week! Looks to me like the comp bug has bitten you after-all! Have fun with it!