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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Final Countdown - 4 days to go

Weight : 56.5 kg (124.3 lb)
Yesterday's Food : You have used 1503 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -103 calories remaining. 16% of the calories are from fat, 41% from protein, 43% from carbs
Exercise : Full body + Run
1 hr 2 min : 470 calories : 152 max : 128 average

I don't know what the digital devil (scales) are doing to me at the moment, but I am not paying any attention. My muscles are as "hard" as a rock this morning for some reason so I don't care. Thank God I don't have to make some weight class on Sunday.

I had to invoke the "200" rule last night. Coach says it is better to over eat by 200 calories of good food than 2,000. I was perilously close to a pizza altercation but I had oats instead.

When I am handed my trophy on Sunday I will be making an acceptance speech. In my opinion, it should be like the Oscar's because if I'm going to be lumbered with given an ugly stylish statue I should be entitled to a speech.

Actually, even if by some freakish circumstances the judges are unmoved by my stunning body and endearing personality, I'm going to have the speech ready just in case.


First of all, I would like to thank my Coach LizN. Without her input I would still be eating low carb, low calorie and feeling like crap. It is thanks to her dietary intervention that I am here today. Her "eat more carbs" mantra is music to my ears.

I would also like to thank her for coming up with the most interesting interval cardio workouts and for devising training sessions with the silliest names. I must confess though - I never did "Backyard Boogie" because I couldn't come to terms with its name.

I would like to mention my costume designer, Miss Jo Rogers, who designed my outfit tonight. It is thanks to her expertise that I don't look like a sad chandelier (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Her interpretation of the concept "elegant" is perfect, and her extraordinary talent in boobage enhancement technology goes without saying.

I would also like to thank my husband, but as he's not here, and he's already had a whole post devoted to his supernatural patience - we'll be moving on.

I would like to thank my period for arriving just in time for this occasion. Although you can swim, ride a horse and frolic on the beach according to the ads on TV it is an altogether different challenge to embrace your womanhood when you are wearing less than 1/2 a metre of fabric.

But seriously, I would like to thank my cheer squad. All those competitors who encouraged me to try - I'm here because of you. And the rest of you, all those who had no idea what I was getting myself in to, you believed I could do anything if I tried. Thank you to everyone who regularly checked in on me and offered words of support and love. Thanks for making it impossible to back out ;) Guess what girls - we did it!

Finally, thank you to the people I met because of this journey in real life, Liz, Tara, Selina, Jo, Lisa C, Lisa S, Donna J, Sue Mc, Michelle, Lyndsay (from afar), Shelley, Andj, Lindy, Donna M (I apologise if I have forgotten anyone) - my real world is enriched because I have spent time with you. From the famous to the infamous, you have all given me much more than you will ever know. There is more kindness in the human heart than we are led to believe.

Today I am beautiful - not because I have a beautiful body, but because for this brief moment, my body truly mirrors the beauty inside me. And for that, I thank you all.


**PS Diet Coke is off for the next four days so don't expect anymore of this sentimental crap - I warn you, it will get ugly folks! Lucky there is honey and lollies waiting for me on Sunday morning or you would have to pry the Diet Coke bottle out of my hands by force.

*** This is tongue in cheek - I won't really make a speech!!


  1. Menstruation + heavy leg workout = weight spike. Excellent job on applying the 200 not 2000 calorie Law. Everything is coming together for Sunday beautifully!


  2. Just make sure that the sad chandelier standing next to you in second place doesn't bob you on the head with her second place trophy when she realises she is the only sad chandelier cause you look fabulous!!! Best of luck with the last few days of your prep.

  3. You are a deadset "classic". I love how you crack me up. It's nearly "your time to shine" babe.

    Luv Shelley

  4. omg im soooo excited for you and just cant wait so see pics! the period is to blame for the deadly digital spike in my opinion, i always see a gain at ttom, sometimes being a woman sucks royaly huh.

    Erica xxx

  5. Go on, make a speech - I dare you!! LOL!

  6. Good luck was a pleasure to met you and a shame I didn't have more time!