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Saturday, 30 August 2008

BDS Day #3

Yesterday's Food: You have used 1641 out of your net daily budget of 1840 calories and have 199 calories remaining. 21% of the calories are from fat, 32% from protein, 48% from carbs

Day #3 Eat Sitting Down
Once I accept the fact that I have to eat everything sitting down, eating mindfully will be easier.

For the past two days I have sat at the table every time I ate. Even if it was a handful of nuts for a snack. I didn't eat at the computer, or in front of the television. I ate when I ate. I lit a candle to make the experience a little more special, and once the candle was blown out, it was the end of eating.

I have also adopted the Stark Family tradition of asking my husband what good things happened today and then have told him mine. It is a non-religious way of saying 'grace' that associates eating with pleasant thoughts. Although food is for fuel, it is also pleasure and a way to take care of myself. I am beginning to eat slowly and consciously, savouring every mouthful. I put the food on a plate (no plastic containers out of the microwave) and see it and smell it as well as taste it. Today was a healthy eating day.

I have also deciding to experiment with being more vegetarian/vegan. Once I have used up the chicken, yogurt and fish in the fridge I am not going to buy any more animal products. My only exception may be egg whites as I think I might need the odd egg white omelet or protein pancake. I have tofu, soy milk and soy yogurt ready to go. I have been thinking about this for awhile and I am trying to listen to what my body wants. If I am sick of chicken and fish, it might be time for a change.


I read my Advantages Response Card at least twice.
I read other Response Cards as needed.
I created a Response Card to remind myself to sit while eating
I sat down to eat every time I ate.


  1. Don't forget the "what are you looking forward to?" after your good thing.

  2. Have you tried tempeh?
    It really packs a punch for protein and fibre but is an aquired taste.

    Nutrisoy make all sorts of flavours but the best is "tasty'. I mash it and fry it with onions, tomato, mushrooms and fennel seeds, dried sage and soy sauce and stir through coriander at the end. Hmm that sounds gross!
    Just posted a tofu muffin recipe on my blog too.