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Thursday, 28 August 2008

A New Truth

Since about February this year I haven't been able to wear any of my rings because they are too big. They have been sitting in a drawer. I didn't want to get them re-sized because I suspected that I would gain weight again after the competition and "grow back" into them.

It is now over 6 months since I have worn my rings and although I am the same scale weight as I was when I started comp prep, the rings remain too big. I have missed out on 6 months of admiring my pretty diamonds every day.

Yesterday I took them all to the jewelers to get made smaller. It seems like such a small step but it is quite scary for me. But what is the worst that can happen? My fingers get fatter and I have to get them made bigger again? Would that be the end of the world?

What is the best thing that can happen? My rings fit perfectly, I enjoy my diamonds again and I am reminded that I am smaller than I once was. A new truth to adopt and grow with.

Now if only it wasn't going to take 2 weeks to get them back ...


  1. Katie, after I lost a majority of my weight, I went and got my rings resized. They went down 5 sizes!! I am again at the point where my rings are too big and now at a standstill.

    I am glad that you have made the decision to get yours done. Hope the next 2 wks go fast so u can get them quicker ;o)

    Hows the back healing??

  2. I miss my rings too...they're in safe custody at the bank, so I can't even look at them. :o(

    They've been too big for a couple of years, but like you I was reluctant to get them resized. Maybe it's time to think about that.

  3. Anonymous4:44 am

    I got my rings re-sized straight away and am glad I did. Keeping them bigger is just like keeping those fat clothes, there is no need to do it.

    You're doing great Katie!
    S X