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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

BDS Day #11

★ I have sore chest muscles and sore glutes from yesterday's workout
★ My sore wrist is getting better
★ I contemplated a trip to the IGA for lollies or chocolate or a Magnum but instead I am having a cup of tea and then I'm having a shower and going to bed to listen to a motivational MP3
★ Even though I don't want to do this daily crap, I am still doing it anyway

Day #11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire and Cravings

Hunger = when you've fasted for several hours and your stomach is empty

Desire = not being particularly hungry but eating because there is food around

Craving = a physiologically and emotionally intense urge to eat

It doesn't really tell you what to do with these three separate feelings, just to notice them. Consider them noticed.

I get confused about the whole hunger thing. If I get "too" hungry I reduce my ability to make reasoned, considered choices about the food I eat. If I deny my cravings for too long, I end up bingeing on the food I was resisting. When you are eating less than your energy needs in order to burn fat, hunger is a constant. Do you go for as long as you can, and then have a high calorie day to relieve the pressure?

Who knows - my head is hurting too much to provide any answers. Why? Because I had major dental work on Monday to reposition my bite/jaw. Same effect as braces except achieved by altering the shape of my back teeth so I can only close my mouth in the correct position. The result is pain in my neck, jaw and head. I have worn braces in my past so I know that the pain diminishes as your body gets used to the new mechanics but I feel like crap. Thank God today was a rest day.


I read my Advantages Response Card at least twice.
I read other Response Cards as needed.
I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite
I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviours
I did spontaneous exercise
I did planned exercise (which was a planned rest)
I rated my hunger on My Hunger Monitoring Chart (I didn't see the point of writing down I was hungry all the time, including while I was shoveling food into my mouth)

1 comment:

  1. I would define hunger as any physical need for caloric energy, with symptoms like lethargy and coldness and a general desire to eat.

    Desire, for me, indicates very mild hunger, but should probably wait a little bit till sufficiently hungry. When truly full I have no desire for food.

    Craving, to me, indicates a hunger for a specific food that is unrelated to hunger, but often is made more intense by hunger. Craving implies physical hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances/deficiencies.

    Your definitions would leave me feeling ravenous 24/7 lol! If I only considered myself hungry after a several hour fast, I would never be allowing myself to eat enough.