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Friday, 24 October 2008

Do it for someone else

Instead of trying to stay the course of healthy eating next week by thinking about how fabulous you will look when you lose a little weight, how about eating healthy for someone else?

I don't mean to please someone else, I mean saving the money you normally spend on takeaway/snack/crappy food and giving it to someone else.

The organisation that has taken my fancy is called Microloan who provide small loans to women in Africa as start up capital for their own businesses. Click the link 'Peter Ryan explains how it works' and listen to the founder describe the program - it is very inspiring.

In the spirit of "do what I do, not what I say" I have donated some of my cash to this project. I was prompted by an email from the universe:

Katie, giving tells the Universe that you believe you are provided for. For even as you empty your purse, you fear not. The act alone is a demonstration of faith that you will remain whole, that your coffers will be replenished, and that love is what matters most.

And for whomsoever believes these things to be true, it shall become their reality, and abundance shall be showered upon them unceasingly, as if the heavens had opened up.

So when the next urge strikes to buy a bag of chips or a coffee and cake, you now have a wonderful reason to not indulge, your choice to abstain will be empowering other women in the world.

You could also donate $ for every kilo or pound you have lost already, or hope to lose as a way of thanking the universe for your success.

Love is what matters most.


  1. Katie

    Not sure if you know this but a couple of years ago I participated in a money/wealth mentorship program in Melbourne over a 3 month period and learnt that what you give to the universe you'll receive back tenfold hence the reason I'm so rich (lol).

    I think this is a great thing to do.

    You're right - love is what matters most - it's just sometimes we forget this.

  2. Katie,

    There's another organisation that a friend of mine put me on to - Oxfam also let you donate money to educate orphans or adult literacy as well as a swag of other gifts. does it as well - you give a goat to a village and they have to give the first offspring to another needy family in their village.