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Monday, 27 October 2008

Need a Partner

My new therapist (Mr Katie) tells me that I am only happy when I have a challenge and I am not particularly good at just challenging myself. I need someone else to keep me accountable.

I would love a real live flesh and blood person to train with and to lose weight with. So this blog post is a heart felt plea to anyone who lives in or near North Sydney who would like (a) train with me every week day morning at Fitness First and/or (b) would like to meet up once a week for weighing in and sharing stories.

You don't have to be experienced in training or dieting, a beginner would be completely fine. There are 9 weeks left in 2008 and that is plenty of time to completely transform ourselves.

Of course, lean hard personal trainers who want to take me on as their pet project will be gratefully accepted.


  1. Hi Katie,

    I would sooooo love that. Its exactly what I need, pity Im on the Sunnie coast though. I started my end of year resolution today and I have 9 weeks to get to where i wanna be.... THIS IS IT!!

    I could email you though???

  2. You have no idea how much I wish I lived in Sydney right now Miss Katie. I'd love love love to train with you.


    S X

  3. ahem - my hand is UP katie! I am in Randwick, so NO probs me coming over your way once a week for a coffee - as of Jan/Feb 09 I will be training at Fitness First in North Sydney - SO watch out girl - you've just scored yourself a partner!

    A coffee catch up be fabulous - let me know what suits you - and no backing out - we are DOING THIS!

    email me!!!

  4. Oh my God - you get to train with Miss Tank herself! Lucky you! You're definately gonna get f@#kin huge now.