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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Looking for Inspiration

Weight : 14.8% ~ 9.01/51.89 = 60.9 kg (no spike!)
Temperature = forgot
Training : Balls Head Reserve run
Time : 38 min ~ Calories : 400 ~ AHR : 152 bpm (86%)
Next target : 15 Feb : 14.2% ~ 8.56/51.74 = 60.3 kg

Yesterday was a long exhausting battle between the forces of good and evil. As I stood on the scales once again and saw no weight loss from the cycle before and a fat gain from cycle 10, I was just about ready to head for nearest food court to have my version of a binge - devouring fatty, carby junk food until I couldn't fit in another bite. I was home alone which made it worse because we all know you can't eat like a pig in front of anyone else.

I fought the Mad Monkey all day and he was jabbering in my head relentless. "This is not working, just have what you want to eat today and you can start a proper competition diet on Monday - you still have 14 weeks" he screamed. "Why do you want to do this to yourself, it just makes you tired and hungry, just be like a normal person who eats whatever they want. You aren't even overweight, be satisfied with what you've got" he shouted. There was even thoughts of just simply getting drunk to get through the day "Why don't you just have a few rum and diet cokes - they probably don't have that many calories and you could forget about everything for a while".

Somehow I held on. I re-read Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and found things that helped. Tom's voice was stronger and more authoritative than the Mad Monkey - and Tom's results speak for themselves.

Very rarely will you ever move in a constant and linear path in the direction of your goals. Usually you will zig-zag your way to success. If you work hard enough, you will see progress very week, but your rate of progress will often vary.

Don't let this zig-zag pattern of fat loss discourage you. Never panic over a one-week fluctuation. The trend over time is much more revealing. You must have faith in long-term investments in your body, without getting too emotional about your present results. If you look only at one small segment on your body composition progress chart, you're liable to give up or make poor and hasty decisions. Keep your eye on the big picture, keep watching the trends and always keep working daily on the fundamentals.

This morning I didn't gain anything on the scales after a high carb day and my BF% went down. Then I went for a run in just my crop top and skins - I have NEVER NEVER EVER left the house without covering my midsection. It has always been one of those things I'll do when I'm skinny.

I'm so glad I didn't give up.


  1. Good on you gorgeous. You look amazing (even when hot and sweaty).

    Well done for telling MM to stick his finger up his own arse (LOL).

    Bet you're glad you're still sleeping with Tom and didn't have a one night stand?

    I took the spike for you.

  2. Good for you Katie!

    Tom is right, the key is very simply consistency. Now if only I can contain my "mad monkey" and practise a bit of this consistency thang I too might one day be able to leave the house and bare my bod!

    You look fantastic :)

  3. Hey Katie,
    Well it must be something in the air? I too almost headed for the goody tin today, but I knew it wouldnt get me any closer to where I visualise myself to be. I must get into bed with Tom soon..sounds like he's got the key to success. WELL DONE for chasing the MM away.

  4. Katie Hi its Trud again...having trouble with tying to pay for the download on Tom's e-book. Did you have any trouble?