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Friday, 13 March 2009

And Another Thing ...

When you are completely pissed off with always being hungry ...

Put on your skinniest size 8 non-stretch jeans that only fitted 2 weeks out from last competition ...

Put on a padded bra, a fitted white singlet and a tight stretch button up top leaving half the buttons undone ...

Look in the mirror at the smooth line above the waistband [no muffin top], your flat stomach, the gap between your legs and the definition in your arms you can see even through your top

And shout ...

Fuck you Stupid Scales

... and then go to work looking HOT


  1. You rock hot stuff!!!

  2. Good on you hun :)
    Em :)

  3. lol, well said!!

  4. Oh no!

    You girls have GOT to stop swearing on your blogs!

    The bloody Net Nanny at school keeps blocking you all! LOL! Now that you have used the "F-word" Katie I can say goodbye to being able to read you at work! Sob :(

    How about a picture of the hot woman in her fabulous skinny clothes? keep up the good work!