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Monday, 9 March 2009

Message from Shelley

"I'm just taking a week off public blogging and keeping my thoughts private this week I've got a job to do and at this stage would rather keep my blog private so there's no outside influence or distraction and I can keep focused.

I've been cruising for a couple of weeks but it's time to put the pedal to the metal. I'm still writing daily and will open again maybe next week.

I know I'd get support not judgment but I feel this is something that I need to do alone. I need to prove this to myself and no one else.

I really am fine, not down in the dumps, just working on some self esteem issues."


  1. I must be bloody psychic! I swear I was thinking of Shelley 10 minutes ago and just had a feeling that something was up...

    Give her these from me:


  2. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Katie - I read your's and Shelley's blogs everyday - you are both amazing and inspirational woman!!

    Shelley - I hope you're back on "air" soon - you rock!!

  3. I too read both your blogs. I very rarely comment and I know I should more. I was upset when I saw Shelley went to private blogging. I hope everything is ok. You both are an inspiration to me and I really enjoy reading both your journeys!

  4. Hey Shelley. I read your blog every morning, even though I don't comment much.

    I look forward to your return.


  5. Hey Shelley, I am glad............I was a bit concerned. But all good in a sense and you will come out stronger that you were before. As the others have posted, I look forward to your blog every time I log on.

    Oh and Katie, have you ever thought of writing a book? You would do very good!