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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

All the Important Things Covered

I am effortlessly maintaining my weight sub 60kg
My body fat is the same or less than yesterday
Yesterday's calorie deficit is >600 calories
My body fat is between 7 and 8 kg
I have passion for life and enough energy to train 6 days a week
I treat food with restraint and my body with respect

You will notice that my spreadsheet has changed a little. As I have no way of actually knowing what my calorie burn [TDEE - total daily energy expenditure] is for the day, I am now tracking my deficit. In Calorie King, I have put my calorie target at 1400 (which I am guessing is my BMR) and then adding exercise and taking off food (energy out/energy in).

This means (a) I adjust my eating for training days vs non-training days (b) I can track the results of a greater/lesser deficit.

My goal at this moment is to eat more and burn more to up-regulate my metabolism.

I didn't have a re-feed yesterday because I didn't feel I needed it. With more calories (and therefore more carbs) I am not getting as drained so quickly. I may just move to a maintenance calorie day once a week depending on how I am feeling. I am going to Brisbane this weekend so I am saving up for some delicious food indulgence with Shelley.

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