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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Would You Like to Know How I Did It?

In 2005 I dieted down from an overweight 40 year old into a smaller version of myself. I have spent the last 3 years working on the transformation into a fit, lean, athlete.

Do you want to know how I did it?

Would you like to know what it takes to go from a 'normal' body to a being competition ready? And is it possible to achive that goal without bingeing, rebounding, being constantly hungry or being just plain miserable?

Have I found the secret to permanent, painless stubborn fat loss - the secret that has been promised by so many but never delivered?

I think I have found the secret to getting and keeping the body I dreamt of while living the life I always imagined.

The secret is - I had to figure out what worked for me. Just as I am a unique and complex individual, so is the solution to my nutrition, training, and emotional needs.

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to achieving a low body fat percentage and staying there.

Every single thought process, eating choice and training decision must be undertaken with knowledge, objectivity, feedback and fairly large amount of willingness to take a risk.

If you are lost amongst the myriad of choices - clean food, Paleo, carb cycling, calorie cycling, intermittent fasting, high intensity cardio, steady state cardio, weight training - and your mind feeds you thoughts of frustration and failure, I am here to help.

If you would like me to take you step by step through the self discovery process I went through and determine what really works for you, I am now taking on a limited amount of clients.

I will provide all the support and accountability you need to get you past that roadblock that has been keeping you stuck for so long.

This is not a diet, a training program or a load of pyschobabble, this is simply real world coaching in the secret art of living happily in your best body ever.

What precisely does this mean? What will you receive from me?

  • help with setting and achieving your goals, overcoming set backs, and silencing the ‘mad monkey’
  • advice on a nutritional strategy that will suit your individual likes and needs
  • daily monitoring of your caloric intake with specific feedback as required
  • weekly weigh ins including measurements and photos
  • feedback on what your results mean and how to make adjustments
  • daily email contact
  • tough love when you need it
  • personalised training program (if requested)
  • feedback on your chosen training routine
4 week block
- beliefs, nutrition and training integration package
$A 350 200

4 week block
- beliefs, nutrition and personalised training program
(by certified trainer) package
$A 450 300

12 week block
- beliefs, nutrition and training integration package
$A 950 500

12 week block
- beliefs, nutrition and personalised training program (by certified trainer) package
$A 1250 800 [3 training program updates]

If you would like to take the most exciting voyage of discovery of your whole life, please email me at


  1. Hey Katie
    Congrats on your transformation of both Mind and body, amazing.

    The pics are great and you look fantastic.

    Are the befores the start of your comp journey or are they you in 2005?
    Shar x

  2. Wow Katie you are just beautiful!! What a great transformation! :D

  3. fabulous! amazing transformation... not that I think you actually looked bad or even 'overweight' to start with!

    but isn't it nice to have a body to be proud of that isn't just 'normal' and a bit squishy... I can't wait to get to that point! :-)

  4. Well done on your fantastic achievement Katie. Your pics look great and your post about "The Gardener" was so lovely it nearly made me cry.



  5. You must be so proud, well done you look amazing.

  6. Wow! great pics Katie... you have made some great improvements. You looked great on Sunday!

  7. Anonymous9:44 am

    I think you looked more normal in the before photos to be honest.