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Saturday, 20 June 2009

A Glutton for Life

It is time to be extreme - to push the boundaries of life beyond what is comfortable and balanced by taking a step from the ordinary into the unusual.

Question your beliefs
Why is it that move more and eat less isn't working? Why are you so determined to finally lose that extra fat and yet each day you stumble and fall? If it was simply a case of eating wholesome healthy food and exercising, why can't you do it?

What if you tried something else? What if you followed your heart instead of your head? Don't spend another day doing something you have proven to yourself over and over again is not the solution for you. Dream of something different. Eat oats and protein powder at every meal today (if you LOVE them], have a day off eating veges [if you don't LOVE them], or have a massage instead of a training session.

Don't rely on what you 'know' to be the truth. Find your own truth. Uncover the lies.

Be authentic

Do you really believe that food is just fuel and not one of life's wonderful pleasure? Are you convinced that combining fat and carbs is nutritional 'suicide'? Are some foods really that bad for you? Do you feel like you are obliged to eat a certain way only because some expert tells you it is good for you? Is being healthy your ultimate goal or is it actually the thought of being lean and shredded that ignites your passion?

Be brutally honest about your beliefs and your feelings. Don't censor yourself because you think other people might disapprove. Stand up for what you believe in.

Uncover the things that you are supposed to believe in, but don't. Examine your declared values and decide if they reflect your authentic self. For today, don't try to change, improve or grow anything - just declare who you are right at this moment without apology.

Reverse the Rules [while still moving towards your goal]
Eat less protein, eat more fat, eat more carbs or just eat a randomly chosen number of calories (less or more than your calorie 'rule' and under 2,000) and don't worry about the macros. Train on an empty stomach if you always have a pre-workout meal or eat before you train if you always do it fasted. Train at the opposite time of day. Go to bed late and get up late.

Make a radical new plan that reverses all the rules and follow it to the letter. Don't do anything the same way you usually do. Notice how it makes you feel - are you more alive and focused than you were yesterday?

Today, just for one day, take a risk on yourself. Choose to do things differently today - not better or worse - just different. Turn your world upside down.

How it affects your day might surprise you. Expect one of the best days of your life. Why? because you will have taken the opportunity of a fresh day and squeezed some adventure and excitement out of it.

And if it takes your fancy ... try doing it again tomorrow ... if not, tomorrow you can do and be something completely different.

Declare your recipe for rebellion in the comments section and let's see if we can revolutionise the world of 'health and fitness'. If you always read what I write and never comment, choose today to find your radical voice!

Be a glutton for life!


  1. So far today I've slept in, haven't trained, gone to bed before lunch, and still in my pj's now, and I've had dinner for lunch. That's pretty different for me. Hope you're having a different day.

  2. Thank you for this post..I feel a sense of relief that I listen to my own body cues and not a "text book" on happiness. We all know why we feel and look the way we's like you said find the truth and I have set myself free to eat up life!!

  3. I have decide to stop training in a typical gym and take of Crossfit. Have my first lesson tonight and scared as hell!!! Wish me luck Katie!

  4. @Shelley - love your different day.

    @Cathy - free to eat up life is a wonderful thought.

    @Trixie - GOOD LUCK GIRL - you will smash it!

  5. Thanks Katie! Had my first lesson,kicked my butt:)