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Friday, 28 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 67 - All Hands to the Pumps

I've got nothing for you today. I need a Pirate holiday.

I am inviting anyone who has an idea for a Pirate themed task or blog topic to let me know. You might just have a few thoughts, you can ask me a question, or you can write a full blown post that I can use here [oooh a Guest Blogger!].

All hands to the pumps ladies -- I need some help here!!


  1. You so deserve a break Katie!

  2. i wish i was more creative. you do so much for this challenge i would be happy to help but i've got no ideas either :-( don't feel obligated to come up with all of the challenges and everything..we all are so grateful for all that you do. it is OKAY to take a break! :)