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Sunday, 9 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 86 - Leigh Peele - Fat Loss Expert

Meet Leigh Peele, one of my health and fitness role models. She is smart, funny and generous with sharing her knowledge.

Leigh Peele - The Fat Loss Troubleshoot | The Metabolic Repair Manual

My name is Leigh Peele.

I am a NASM certified personal trainer, among other certifications and continued educations. I am a nationally published author with popular magazines, online websites, and have worked with actors, models, fighters, and athletes all around the world.

I currently have two books written -The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and The Metabolic Repair Manual. I also have a new book about to be released in a the Fall.

Right now you can hear me often on Leigh Peel Podcasts, and find my subforum on one the the most popular sites on the net at

That is not where it starts, nor is it where it ends. However, for now I hope that gives you a brief idea that I am in fact a professional, dare I say, “expert” in the area of fat loss. More than expert I would use the word, experienced. I have been deemed the troubleshooter for my history and record of solving problems in fat loss, particularly with those who are stuck, in a plateau, hurt, or uninformed.

This gift has lead me to working with some of the best in the business. I have received favorable reviews from professionals and enthusiasts alike. More important, on almost a daily basis someone out there sends me an email that reminds me of why I am doing what I am doing and without fail gets me through to the next day.

I am straight forward, I tell it like it is, and I am highly researched. Fat loss is not an opinion but a science and application that just needs to be understood and nothing more. My job, my hope, is to help you the reader with the overload of information on this topic, and guide you to the body of your dreams. I hope to achieve this in a manner that doesn’t bore you to tears but instead informs and entertains you.

Leigh's books The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and The Metabolic Repair Manual come with a wealth of valuable information including two diet/training systems (OPT and OPT remix), a guide to water manipulation for special occasions, a maintenance manual, a menu plan and an MP3 audio book.

If you buy this package of e-books and audio book (which I totally recommend) you get free updates forever. Leigh is just about to pull the sale of this package to do a major re-write and the price will increase. If you buy it now you will get the existing version AND new version as soon as it comes out.

Disclosure : I am an affiliate of this program so if you click through from my links, I get a few $ if you choose to buy.

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