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Saturday, 1 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 94 - The Pub Test

Mr Katie wants to go to the pub for lunch. I am going with him but every time I try to do a 'free' meal I end up in a binge.

Today is going to be different. No bread, chips or pasta. I am going to have steak and salad.

Wish me luck. I know I am accountable to you girls so I am determined not to blow it after so many good days in a row.

I relinquished a skinny bone by weighing in early (Day 90 is official weigh in for me and I was meant to stay off the scales). Result = 57.8 kg which is 0.7 kg up from last last time I weighed in about a month ago. Considering it was on different scales (my regular ones are broken), how ridiculous my eating has been and that TTOM is due at any moment, I am relieved.

I just hope knowing I am at my happy weight doesn't trigger a binge.

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  1. its funny how when we feel fat, we want to binge, and when we are feeling lean and happy wiht our bodies, we see it as an excuse to binge. It is definitely an every day struggle that doesn't get easier.

  2. @Nerd Girl - I agree - somehow we are never satisfied. I hope it does get easier one day though otherwise I'll go crazy ♥

  3. Good luck Katie, you can do it, just lunch that you stated above and back to normal eating, no extras.

  4. And I did do it - I had a grilled chicken caesar salad with no croutons and a small piece of Mr Katie's battered fish.

    Home again now with a nice cup of tea and working on my computer in the sun.

    And I DON'T feel like I need to keep on eating.

    One more battle won over the evil Pirate of Powerlessness. By the end of 100 days he will be no more than a whimpering cabin boy!

    Thanks Shar - your victory last night gave me hope that I could do it too.