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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

On Judgment and Awareness

From the book : Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

A judgment is a continuous, high pitched, silent scream. It hurts to listen to it. First you try covering your ears. Then you try leaving the room. Soon you become frantic; you'll do anything to make the shrieking in your head stop.

Eating makes it stop. Eating takes your attention away from the shrill and focuses it on the taste. Eating provides relief from whatever you are judging yourself about, until you start judging yourself for eating. Eating makes it stop until eating makes it start. So eating doesn't make it stop.

Nothing will stop a judgment but the awareness that it is a judgment. You can't fight - and win - against a judgment. It is like pruning a plant, only to have it grow back wider and bushier. When I tell myself that I am fat, my response is to eat more, not less.

Judgments do not lead to change.

Change happens the way a plant grows: slowly, without force, and with the essential nutrients of love and patience and a willingness to remain constant through periods of stasis.

If change is what you want, you need to learn of gentler of way of dealing with yourself and others.


  1. So true, great post!

  2. Thanks Cathy
    How are you doing? Things going well I hope