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Saturday, 19 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 45 - It's Our Special Pirates' Day

Ahoy there me hearties, grab your parrot, peg-leg and grog water bucket -- it's International Talk/Blog Like a Pirate Day today.

Shiver me timbers gang, our deeds are so famous on the seven seas that the whole wide world be giving us Pirate love.

Arr, what can ye do today t' celebrate? Maybe write a list o' all the great thin's you have accomplished on this quest, or be taking a look at ye treasure map and see if ye gettin' close.

Me parrot concurs that today be the day t' live as your authentic self. Weigh anchor and surrender the excess booty! 

If ye be competing today, I hope ye bikini looks like this. Blimey, good luck ye gorgeous lasses. Arrrrrrgh, be bloody proud of being a sexy wench!

Smooth sailin', an' fair winds t' ye!
T' me,
Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho,
It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!
That time in September when sea dogs remember
That grown-ups still know how ta play!
When wenches are curvy and dogs are all scurvy
And a soft-wear patch covers your eye,
Ta hell with our jobs, for one day we're all swabs
And buccaneers all till we die!
So hoist up the mainsails and shut down your brain cells,
They only would get in the way,
Avast there, me hearty, we're havin' a party,
It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!
Yo Ho!
(c) Tom Smith


  1. Oi Captain

    Is dat a self portrait cause god damn it sure looks like you - one sexy bitch.

  2. Ahoy! Hope there's fair seas and fine sailing for ya this weekend.