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Monday, 7 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 57 - Issuing the Right Commands

As Kaptain Katie of the good ship "Awesome" I am in charge of deciding what to do and I issue commands to my crew in order to get it done.

Unfortunately, what most pirate captains don't realize is their workers find it difficult to hear orders because of all the noise - the sails beating in the wind, the crashing of waves and the shouting of their fellow pirates. What the pirate crew end up hearing is only the last half of the instruction.

So when I give instruction to my loyal, hardworking and competent crew, I make sure that they can understand my request even if they only hear half of the command.

The wrong way

I say: I don't want to binge ...
They hear : ... want to binge
Result = bingeing

I say : I don't want to be lazy
They hear : ... want to be lazy
Result = nil exercise

I say : I am not going to be hungry today
They hear : ... be hungry today
Result = hungry hippo all day long

The right way

I say : I always treat my body with respect
They hear : ... treat ... body with respect
Result = NO bingeing

I say : I am more balanced and centered when I exercise
They hear : ... balanced ... centered ... exercise
Result = love to workout

I say : I am completely satisfied by small amounts of nourishing food
They hear : ... satisfied ... small amounts ... nourishing ...
Result = NO hunger

  • What commands are you giving your crew?
  • Are you cranky with them because they always get it wrong?
  • Maybe its your fault and not theirs after all?

1 comment:

  1. I've got the "I have to go and do the housework command going" and I'm sure that it's wrong!