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Wednesday, 9 August 2006

What will be my reward?

Having posted a great loss again this week, I am now only 3 kgs away from my personal goal. The question arises, what do I do or buy to reward myself for achieving this milestone. Unfortunately, [or fortunately] this is not the first time I have reached my goal weight so I know what to expect - the easy part is over and the hard part starts - maintenance. But I must confess that my reward for getting to goal last time has helped me stay resolved to get back there again.

What was it??

I got my belly button pierced [and I am over 40].

It was [and is] the perfect gift to myself because it celebrates my physical beauty. It looks best with a toned flat stomach and can only be shown off when I wear a bikini on the beach because midriff tops are kind of lame on a 40+ year old.

So in order to fully enjoy my piercing, I need to be, and stay, in shape. It also reminds me every time I am naked in front of the mirror how far I've come.

Now I need another present - this time I am thinking a tattoo on my lower back. The pain puts me off a bit, but I really like the idea.

I will contemplate and decide once I get to goal but at this stage it sounds like a plan. Otherwise I might save up and get my boobs replaced. Yes, they have all but disappeared during this journey ... oh well you can't have everything.

Stay tuned ....

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