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Sunday, 6 August 2006

A blowout?

Last night I cooked beautiful roast topside with baked veges as a special treat for my partner. I did not worry about points too much as I had had a light day [only 6 total for breakfast and lunch] and feel sometimes that my obsession with food drives my partner crazy.
I ate well [probably more than I would normally eat] and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
This morning I stood on the scales and saw no change from yesterday. Then I checked out the points. The total for the meal was probably only between 8-12 points at most which means it wasn't a blowout at all. Most gratifying is that my favourite part was the sweet potato which is so good for me and the extra bit of oil probably will fend off a chip craving that inevitably happens if I go without fat for too long. A successful evening in every sense. This truly is a lifestyle I can continue ...

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