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Friday, 1 September 2006

You should probably lose some weight!

It strikes me as odd how we feel totally comfortable commenting on someone being "too skinny" to their face and yet we don't comment when we think someone is "too fat". We wouldn't say that out loud - because it is rude and insensitive.

So why do friends, family and mere acquaintances feel they have the right to tell me - you've lost enough weight? Why do they jokingly say - why don't you put some meat on your bones? Or even talk to me seriously about the dangers of losing "too much" weight?

I am annoyed that because I am skinny now my weight is now up for public discussion. I understand that there is a health danger if my body fat gets too low, but it is just as unhealthy to be overweight.

Please keep your opinions to yourself. Even if I was anorexic [which I am not - I LOVE food and eat like a little piggy] it would be an issue I would have to deal with from within. Just as doing something about being overweight is a personal decision that no-one else made for me.

The way I live my life, the food and exercise choices I make, are mine alone. No-one has the right to comment on my choices. Just because I choose to be thinner than you, doesn't mean I'm sick and need your help.

Please remember that someone's weight is a personal thing, not up for public comment - just as you would not comment to a fat person - "you should probably lose some weight" - don't feel compelled to tell me I should not lose any more, or heaven forbid, I should gain some.

Frankly, it's none of your business.

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