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Sunday, 15 October 2006

Am I cured?

When I look at the WW forum I see many people who have lost a significant amount of weight and who have regained all of it. They are on the WW journey for the second [or third] time. It makes me wonder if, in fact, WW is just another diet, and is setting us up for failure.

Before I commenced my weight loss journey, I barely thought about food and exercise. Aside from looking in the mirror every morning and seeing bits I didn't like [which hasn't changed!] I hardly thought about what I ate.

Now, my success is measured by what I ate today, how long I worked out and what the scales say. To be honest, I think about little else. How can this be normal or healthy?

Think about how often your conversation revolves around food - how often do you say "no I can't eat that", "it looks delicious but I can't have any" or "you are so lucky to be able to eat like that and not put on weight" etc. etc.

How many books and magazines do you buy that are about slimming, or exercise or low fat recipes? When did you read a book about anything else?

This is frightening. No wonder I feel like I am living on a knife's edge, waiting for the downward spiral back to obesity.

Am I doomed to be like a recovering alcoholic, waking up everyday knowing that I must overcome my need for the drug called food - a drug that I have to have some of to stay alive.

Have I empowered food to have this control over me by the amount of energy I invest in considering it at length? If I just forgot about it, would I break it's hold over me? But if I only ate when I was hungry I would be 80kg in about three and a half minutes!!!

I have been obsessed with healthy eating/living for nearly two years. How have I changed the world, who have I helped, what have I contributed in these past two years? The only thing I have changed is primarily how I look and how I feel physically. I have not changed how I feel inside and I have not really done anything for anyone else except extol the virtues of self control.

How selfish is that?

Weight loss is a journey, but I've come so far down the path that I find that there is nowhere else to go once I'm here. All of those interesting sidetracks are back up the road.

What can I do? Put on my joggers and go "off road"? Sounds like a challenge - who's coming with me?

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  1. Your comment on my blog led me to your blog! I'm glad it did! We're speaking the same language. I have a question for you that I'm hoping you can help me with- would you recommend WW meetings if a person isn't interested in the diet part of it? I just need group therapy I think.

    If you are able, you can reply to this by emailing me at Thank you!