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Friday, 13 October 2006

And after ...

I had to take a photo of myself for another purpose so I thought I'd post it here.
Notice the tiny tiny boobs - I don't even have a bra on :-)
Something unthinkable when I was 80 kgs.

My expected loss this week didn't go to plan - I only lost .3kg of the recent gain.

Along with other things going on in my life, this triggered a huge binge after weigh in on Tuesday night - a real "eat everything in the house" type binge including apple pie and pizza.

I felt so sick after that episode that eating clean after that wasn't a problem. This week I have switched to no count and stopped weighing myself twice a day at home. I am trying to sort out what's going on in my head as I can do the eat and move thing without too much trouble - just the "think" part of it is difficult. I want to stop obsessing about what I eat and what the scales say. It is driving me crazy!! I am trying to trust my body and listen to my hunger. Instead of going all day on hardly any food because I am so busy at work and then eating all night, I am trying to eat and SNACK during the day. This is day 3 of the experiment and it seems to be working so far ... fingers crossed. I don't feel ravenously hungry at dinner and have even had two nights without dessert!!! YAY!!

It is my birthday on Monday and hubby bought me a slow cooker. I have already made ratatouille [can't spell it] and it tasted so good. All those veges -YUM.

The black cloud has lifted - I am back in control - I am looking forward to the freedom of forgetting about food all the time.


  1. HI

    I have a slow cooker and love using it. I bought the Womens Weekly casseroles and stews cook book and convert those recipes to the slow cooker.

    Any chance you could post your ratatouie recipe?

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous photo - you must be so pleased with this. My boobs have shrunk too but they no longer "sit" in the right place - so no "no bra" wearing for me!