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Saturday, 7 October 2006

Up and Down go the scales

The reason I haven't posted for a while is because I've gained weight in the past two weeks. I have a new job and have been very stressed and as usual, have taken to eating everything in sight when the going gets tough.
Fortunately, I only stayed away from WW for one week and then faced up to the music last Tuesday night. Total damage = 1.2kg gain which puts me officially at 60.4 kgs.
In the scheme of things, this is actually brilliant considering how much I ate, although I can't say it was junk food, just lots of healthy treats like dried fruit and nuts [my favourite], snack bars and a bit of takeaway.
Pulled myself together last Monday so I am back in control and slowly undoing the damage.

The interesting thing I discovered this week was around how much the scales lie to you. Apparently, it is impossible for your weight to go up [or down] a kilo in a day so any changes to your weight on a day to day [or even a week to week] basis should not be considered in isolation. Most peoples weight will fluctuate all over the place all the time, so the important thing is to monitor the trend, rather than the numbers.

There is some complicated maths equation you can do, but I am just averaging out over 7 days.
So my daily weigh in looks like this so far

Now you'll admit the numbers are crazy all over the place and I would usually react positively to the good loss and then feel disappointed when it went back up again and wonder what I was doing wrong.

In actual fact my AVERAGE weight this week is 59.88kg which is less than my WW weigh in of 60.4, so I am on track to lose at least 1/2 kilo this week and I still have 3 days to go. I will be able to make better comparisons when I have more ongoing data, and my weight in the morning is significantly less than my evening official weigh in, but this is a revelation.

I didn't do anything magical to lose a kilo overnight and I didn't do anything wrong to gain overnight. It is just normal weight fluctuation. The total TREND is important, and this week the trend is going down rather than up.

Probably everyone else in the world already know this, but I just figured it out.
Another tool to help me conquer this daily struggle.

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