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Wednesday, 18 October 2006

How would I treat my kids?

This morning I was very tired on my way to work and had a diet coke to pick me up. It got me thinking - would I let my child have diet coke for breakfast?

I don't have any kids but if I did how would I look after them?

Would I let them
  • eat the barest minimum all day so they could eat a huge dinner and desert
  • fill up on no-calorie soft drink when they were really hungry
  • exercise until near exhaustion every day even when they were sick
  • smoke because it is an appetite suppressant and speeds the metabolism
  • take laxatives when they ate too much

Would I forbid

  • all treats including chocolate, birthday cake and restaurant meals

and then call them weak willed, stupid, and lacking self control when they binged on the forbidden food

Would I

  • weigh them every morning and sometimes every night to ascertain how successful they were the previous day or that day
  • scrutinize their bodies in the mirror and point out the bits that jiggle or sag or don't have big enough muscles

OF COURSE I WOULDN'T !!!! I would want them to be healthy and happy ...

But that is how I treat myself - I thought I loved myself, I tell everybody that I do, I act like I do - but this is not the kind of love I would show my children.

Do unto yourself as you would do unto others ... boy - I've got a long way to go.

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  1. Really something to think about. I have a tendency to weigh all the time and workout a lot and trying to not get obsessive about it. It's true, would we treat our child like we treat ourselves or even a friend. Of course, not. We are our own worst critic that's for sure. I'm still working on the being kind to myself thing as far as thoughts about my body/self image. Hope you have a good week.