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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

After the Idol

I have just been through the biggest weekend of the year at work.

What does this have to do with weight loss/maintenance?

Well first of all, I can vividly remember last year. What happens is that the day is so busy that I miss eating dinner. Then, at the end of the night, there is free catering which is normally sandwiches, pizza and pies. Last year, on my low fat eating plan, this night became a binge. I was so hungry and exhausted that I had no restraint.

So what happened this year??

First of all I had a big breakfast of eggs and went to work at around 1000.

Around 1230 I had lunch - low carb bread with taco mince.

Then I missed dinner. When I finally finished work, I had been on my feet for 14 hours and boy did that post event catering look appealing.

But guess what I ate? The topping off a couple of slices of pizza and the meat from inside a pie. I threw away - yes, I threw away food - the pizza bases and the pie pastry. I was fine, I didn't want to eat the flour, I didn't feel deprived.

Plus it was TTOM on Monday which means this all happened during a bout of PMT.

So - I am a changed girl! Over four weeks without sugar, without any type of binge!!

I still haven't lost any weight [TTOM probably has something to do with that] but still don't care. The number of the scale has lost its power over me.

There are so many people who say low carb is bad and fat is bad, but in my line of work you have to weigh up the risks. I am a healthy fit person, with low body fat and normal cholesterol and blood pressure. Surely eating a bit more fat is more healthy than having yo-yo weight issues and being stuck in a cycle of binging and starving. There are risks no matter what I do - being obese again is just as risky. So - my risk assessment makes me choose the low carb way of eating - it is the best option compared to the alternatives. Besides, it is MY choice.

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