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Sunday, 19 November 2006

Owww that hurts!!

I have signed up at a new gym. It is actually a "health club" which means it is new, clean, and surprising cheaper than my old gym. It also has this 'Technogym" system where all your exercises are computerised via a small key.

I had my orientation yesterday and a couple of great things happened.

First of all, they weighed me. Fully clothed in the middle of the day with shoes on and the official number was 61kg. I'll take that... very happy. Somehow what my scales say at home don't seem to matter as they normally fluctuate so much.

Then we planned my workout schedule. Three different workouts to work through.

1. Chest-Triceps-Upper Abs
2. Back-Biceps-Oblique Abs
3. Shoulders-Legs-Lower Abs
All workouts start with 20 mins of interval cardio on the treadmill.

I go to the gym or workout nearly every morning. The reason for this is that I have a much better day if I do. I'm not keen on the 3 days a week approach as it means there are 4 days of feeling not so great.

We ran through quickly one set of all the exercises and today .... ta da ... I am sore, sore, SORE in places I didn't know existed.

For those of you who don't weight train, you might think this is a bad thing. For those of you who do, you will know that this is EXCELLENT. I have been a gym goer for nearly 18 months and sometimes go weeks and weeks without feeling anything. To have this much soreness means I have shocked my body into building more muscle - YAY!!

I also discovered that I haven't been doing a full range of motion with my lifts. My biceps curls were too short, my chest flyes weren't over my chest but nearer my face, my pushup position wasn't wide enough and my lateral pull downs suffered from having my shoulders too high.

Makes me wonder why that personal trainer I saw weekly for the past 12 months didn't bother to point this out. Possibly because she never worked through my workout with me, just got me doing another round of lunges and dips.

I am happy and excited that I might at last see the definition I long for. I want to lean down and have beautiful cut arms and a visible six pack. This might just do it.

Only drawback is that I was forced to have a day off today - didn't even make it to yoga - too sore and sorry.

Tomorrow is chest and tricep day. At this point in time I can only do 4 real pushups [on my toes not knees]. I shall post as I get better at it.

Of course, my trainer was horrified that I was doing low-carb, because apparently you can't workout with eating carbohydrates. Tried to convince her that heaps of veges counted as carbs but to no avail.

Still feeling great without any dry carbs or sugar. Loving eating fat again - I missed it so much. Still no "weight dropping off" but I am not hungy and miserable all the time. It feels like a switch has been turned off. I have been eating this way for 3 weeks now and the difference is incredible.

All is good - life is an adventure - peace at last ...


  1. It all sounds fab Katie - sounds like the perfect plan for you.
    and yes, I love the "sore" feeling (well I don't actually love feeling sore, but I love what it means). I must think about changing my weight training from all areas 3 days/week - to more specific routines like yours - (although I still workout 6 days a week - just keep the weights to alternate days) I really want that cut look too!

  2. Anonymous1:03 am

    I'm so glad you brought up the simple v. complex carb issue. Why don't heaps of veggies and fruits count as carbs? I thought they did! Any idea why?