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Monday, 13 November 2006

What does a quiet blog mean?

Normally, if people don't post on their weight loss/maintenance blog it means they have fallen off the wagon and put on weight - I should know - I've stopped blogging in the past for that very reason.

The reason I haven't posted with the same frequency as previously is because I feel like I've been on a holiday for the past 2 weeks. It's day 15 sugar free, but I had to stop and count just then because I've forgotten to count. In fact I forget about food most of the time as well.

Without this obsession with my weight [I don't even really care what the scales say], there is not much to blog about. But I am sure you want the gory details.

I've lost no weight at all - maybe 1/2 a kilo on a good day, but I don't care. The thing is I haven't binged for over 2 weeks. I have a steady energy level all day and I feel really calm and stable. No frustration, no deprivation, no rebound eating because I want to rebel against the unfairness of the whole diet deal!!

The "healthy" diet advocates will recall in horror when I say I haven't had a piece of fruit in all that time. The closest I get to a treat is a chocolate covered protein bar [artificially sweetened].
But I don't need the fruit because I don't snack - I'm not hungry between meals.

I am sticking fairly much to a meat/fish/chicken/tofu/egg and veggies/salad diet with a bit of cheese, nuts and oil.

I have eased off on the exercise because I felt rather exhausted in the first week or so. I started back at the gym today with a run and weight session and felt great. Maybe this will shift the last 2 or 3 kgs but not really worried because I at the moment I am not trying.

I am not really trying hard to lose weight, I am not trying to maintain, I am not TRYING - I am doing it with little or no effort, no worry and no scary scary eating disorder thoughts.

I am having a rest, I have let go of my white knuckled hold on control and nothing bad has happened.

Low carb may not be for everyone, sugar addiction may be a fallacy, insulin might have nothing to do with fat gain/loss but it's working for me. I am glad I pushed through the first few days of horridness and this is my reward. I can walk past doughnuts, cake and biscuits without employing massive amounts of willpower to resist eating ALL of them. In fact, I don't even want them.

I know I can ramp up the exercise, cut back on the treats and the nuts and lose weight but I can also do "nothing" in comparison and not put on weight. I've stepped off the rollercoaster, stopping fighting my body and it feels good. Works for me ...

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  1. I have to say this is the best decision you've made - to stop focussing on weight and redirect your efforts to just being healthy - the weight will look after itself. Keep up the steady,calm sensible approach! I'm aiming for that too!